An AfterCallAspect is run after a method is executed

A BeforeCallAspect is run before a method is executed.

Interface to provide enough information about a record to make it previewable through the CMS. It uses the record database ID, its "frontend" and "backend" links to link up the edit form with its preview.

Apply this interface to any {@link DBField} that doesn't have a 1-1 mapping with a database field.

The Cookie_Backend interface for use with Cookie::$inst.

This interface lets us set up objects that will tell us what the current page is.

DataObjectInterface is an interface that other data systems in your application can implement in order to behave in a manner similar to DataObject.

Interface for database helper classes.

Provides an interface for classes to implement their own flushing functionality whenever flush=1 is requested.

Base interface for all components that can be added to GridField.

An action is defined by two things: an action name, and zero or more named arguments.

Add a new column to the table display body, or modify existing columns.

Can modify the data list.

A GridField manipulator that provides HTML for the header/footer rows, or f or before/after the template.

A component which is used to handle when a {@link GridField} is saved into a record.

Sometimes an action isn't enough: you need to provide additional support URLs for the {@link GridField}.

Anything that implements HiddenClass won't be shown in user-interface elements. For example, DataObjects that implement HiddenClass won't be showing in the "new page" dropdown.

Interface, implementing the general PHPUnit wrapper API.


Abstract interface for a class which may be used to filter the results displayed in a nested tree

A basic caching interface that manifests use to store data.

Interface that is implemented by controllers that are designed to hand control over to another controller.

Used to let classes provide new permission codes.

A request filter is an object that's executed before and after a request occurs. By returning 'false' from the preRequest method, request execution will be stopped from continuing

Represents a where condition that is dynamically generated. Maybe be stored within a list of conditions, altered, and be allowed to affect the result of the parent sql query during future execution.

Represents a SQL expression which may have field values assigned (UPDATE/INSERT Expressions)

Additional interface for {@link SS_List} classes that are filterable.

Additional interface for {@link SS_List} classes that are limitable - able to have a subset of the list extracted.

An interface that a class can implement to be treated as a list container.

Additional interface for {@link SS_List} classes that are sortable.

A factory which is used for creating service instances.

An AuthenticatorInterface is responsible for authenticating against a SilverStripe CMS Member from the given request data.

Represents middleware for evaluating a graphql query

Standard resolve callback for Mutations or Queries

Defines a service that can filter a list with a permission check against a member

Interface PersistedQueryMappingProvider

Defines the interface used by all read filters for scaffolded operations

A special type of filter that accepts list values

Defines the methods required for a class to accept a configuration as an array

Defines a class that updates the Manager

ResolverInterface deprecated

Applied to classes that resolve queries or mutations

Defines a class that transforms into a type or field creator

Use on classes that update the GraphQL scaffolder

Defines the interface used for services that create GraphQL types based on simple input, e.g. a formatted string or array

Interface that is implemented by any classes that want to expose a method that can be called in any scope in a template.

Interface that is implemented by any classes that want to expose a method that can be called in any scope in a template that returns values dependant on the state of the iterator of the current scope.

This interface needs to be implemented by any template parser that is used in SSViewer

Classes that implement TestOnly are only to be used during testing

Dynamically provide translatable entites for the {@link i18n} logic.

Allows serialization of entity definitions collected through {@link i18nTextCollector} into a persistent format, usually on the filesystem.

Makes the {@link Zend_Translate_Adapter} base class aware of file naming conventions within SilverStripe.