Class ClassContentRemover

A class that handles loading classes and interfaces from a class manifest instance.

A utility class which builds a manifest of all classes, interfaces and caches it.

Error handler which throws, but retains the original path context.

An extension to the default file finder with some extra filters to facilitate autoload and template manifest generation:

  • Only modules with _config.php files are scanned.

Abstraction of a PHP Package. Can be used to retrieve information about Silverstripe CMS modules, and other packages managed via composer, by reading their composer.json file.

Module manifest holder

A utility class which builds a manifest of configuration items

This object represents a single resource file attached to a module, and can be used as a reference to this to be later turned into either a URL or file path.

Helper for mapping module resources to paths / urls

Sorts an associative array of items given a list of priorities, where priorities are the keys of the items in the order they are desired.

The version provider will look up configured modules and examine the composer.lock file to find the current version installed for each. This is used for the logo title in the CMS via LeftAndMain::CMSVersion()


Generate URLs for client-side assets and perform any preparation of those assets needed.



Scope isolated require - prevents access to $this, and prevents module _config.php files potentially leaking variables. Required argument $file is commented out to avoid leaking that into _config.php