Represents a signed 8 byte integer field. Do note PHP running as 32-bit might not work with Bigint properly, as it would convert the value to a float when queried from the database since the value is a 64-bit one.

Represents a boolean field.

Represents a classname selector, which respects obsolete clasess.

Extend this class when designing a DBField that doesn't have a 1-1 mapping with a database field.

Represents a decimal field containing a currency amount.

Represents a date field.

Represents a date-time field.

Represents a Decimal field.

Supports double precision DB types

Class Enum represents an enumeration of a set of strings.

Single field in the database.

Represents a floating point field.

A special type Int field used for foreign keys in has_one relationships.

Represents a large text field that contains HTML content.

Represents a short text field that is intended to contain HTML content.

Represents a signed 32 bit integer field.

Locale database field

Provides storage of a localised money object in currency and amount components.

Represents an multi-select enumeration field.

Represents a decimal field from 0-1 containing a percentage value.

A special ForeignKey class that handles relations with arbitrary class types

A special polymorphic ForeignKey class that allows a single has_one relation to map to multiple has_many relations

A special type Int field used for primary keys.

An abstract base class for the string field types (i.e. Varchar and Text)

Represents a variable-length string of up to 16 megabytes, designed to store raw text

Represents a column in the database with the type 'Time'.

Class Varchar represents a variable-length string of up to 255 characters, designed to store raw text

Represents a single year field.


Classes that implement the DBIndexable interface will provide options to set various index types and index contents, which will be processed by \SilverStripe\ORM\DataObjectSchema