A class representing back actions.

Special request handler for admin/batchaction

An extension that automatically generates a CMS edit link for DataObjects even if they are canonically edited in some nested GridField.

The object manages the main CMS menu. See LeftAndMain::init() for example usage.

A simple CMS menu item.

GroupImportForm deprecated

Imports Group records by CSV upload, as defined in GroupCsvBulkLoader.

LeftAndMain is the parent class of all the two-pane views in the CMS.

Plug-ins for additional functionality in your LeftAndMain classes.

Allows CMS forms to be decorated with additional context arguments.

Allow overriding finished state for faux redirects.

MemberImportForm deprecated

Imports Member records by CSV upload, as defined in MemberCsvBulkLoader.

Parent controller for all CMS-global modals

Generates a three-pane UI for editing model classes, tabular results and edit forms.

Security section of the CMS


Abstract interface for a class which may be used to filter the results displayed in a nested tree