The main "content" area of the CMS.

Legacy CMS History controller. This functionality has been moved to the silverstripe/versioned-admin module and this class will be removed completly in SilverStripe 5.0.0.

Base class for filtering the subtree for certain node statuses.

Gets all pages which have changed on stage.

Works a bit different than the other filters: Shows all pages including those deleted from stage and live.

This filter will display the SiteTree as a site visitor might see the site, i.e only the pages that is currently published.

Filters pages which have a status "Deleted".

Filters pages which have a status "Draft".

Filters pages which have a status "Removed from Draft".

The most common kind of controller; effectively a controller linked to a {@link DataObject}.

Extension to include custom page icons

ModelAsController deals with mapping the initial request to the first {@link SiteTree}/{@link ContentController} pair, which are then used to handle the request.

Utility class representing links to different views of a record for CMS authors, usually for {@link SiteTree} objects with "stage" and "live" links.

Navigator items are links that appear in the $SilverStripeNavigator bar.