Used for unions and interfaces to map a class instance to a type

Creates a "create" mutation for a DataObject

Defines the model that generates types, queries, and mutations based on DataObjects

Creates a delete operation for a DataObject

A utility class that handles an assortment of issues related to field access on DataObjects, particularly with case insensitivity.

A schema-aware service for DataObject model types that builds out their inheritance chain in an ORM-like way, applying inherited fields and implicitly exposing ancestral types, etc.

Utility class that abstracts away class ancestry computations and creates an inheritance "type" for a DataObject

A schema-aware services for DataObject model types that creates union types for all the members of an inheritance chain. Can also apply these unions to queries to enforce unions when return types have descendants.

A schema-aware service for DataObject model types that emulates class inheritance by capturing groups of common fields into interfaces and applying one or many interfaces to concrete model types. Also creates a "base" interface for fields common to all DataObjects (i.e. "extends DataObject" pattern)

Creates a model for a DataObject

Creates a read operation for a DataObject

Creates a readOne query for a DataObject

Generic resolver for DataObjects

Creates an update operation for a DataObject